About us - Break It Down

About us

Anthony Cruz, Founder & CEO
Cruz has been a professional Sound Engineer for many years and has worked with many well-known artists including, but not limited to: Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Ricky Martin, Ne-Yo, Jessie J and J Cole. His vision for Break It Down stems from his personal achievements through years of hard work and wants to share his passions with young artists and seasoned professionals to provide motivation and guidance, to help make their dreams, a reality.

We meet and work with some of the most powerful artists and music executives in the industry. They are always scouting new sound and new artists who can be pushed to their limits to be the next big deal. We provide the tools to help take your music to new heights!

UPGRADE YOUR SOUND! Let's Break It Down!


“To all the dreamers: the producers, the artists, the creative at heart. We're excited to share the tools that help us shape our award winning sound! Get ready to upgrade your sound!  Let’s Break It Down.”   - Anthony Cruz, Founder